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Overview of Edge Factor's Media & Tools

For Premium Members: Discover the thousands of videos, lesson plans, and activities we've created for students to go on a Career Journey.

Award winning films and TV series inspire students and job-seekers to launch training and career pathways.
Provide students with tools to explore industries, companies, careers, and training programs!
Help Students prepare to enter the workforce with technical skills and transferable soft skills.
Learn how to create your Schools and Programs Profiles and encourage companies to add free Company Profiles.

Browse Industries

Explore diverse, modern industries to discover what interests you.

Health Science and Technology Overview
Architecture and Construction Overview
Finance Overview
Manufacturing Overview
IT Overview

Virtual Workplace Experiences

Go behind closed doors and learn more about industry and careers opportunities in our community!

Indigenous Design Operation and Processes
Building Inspection
Plumbing Operations and Processes
Deep Water Robotics
Hair Salon Overview

Explore Careers

Learn more about careers in Architecture and Construction.

Sales Person
Senior Project Engineer
Journeyman Mason
Commercial HVAC Mechanic

Architecture & Construction

Discover opportunities in the construction industry in Waterloo region.

Job Outlook
Average Annual Income
7 , 3 2 5
Projected Job Openings

Finance Careers

Explore the day to day responsibilities, STEAM and Soft Skills used by these industry professionals.

Client Advisor
Supervisor of Financial Planning Analysis

Careers in Finance

Learn more about finance careers available in the Waterloo region.

Job Outlook
Above Average
Average Annual Income
2 , 2 7 5
Projected Job Openings

Healthcare Careers

Learn more about careers opportunities in the Healthcare industry.

Dental Hygienist
ER Nurse
Registered Massage Therapist
Show all

Waterloo Healthcare Careers

Learn more about healthcare career pathways available in the Waterloo Region.

Job Outlook
Above Average
Average Annual Income
2 , 3 5 5
Projected Job Openings

Explore Careers

Explore different career pathways in the Information technology industry.

Software Engineer
Fire Alarm Technician
Security Software Engineer
Information Security Project Manager
Show all

Information Technology

Learn more about careers in the Information Technology Industry.

Job Outlook
Above Average
Average Annual Income
2 , 3 1 0
Projected Job Openings

Manufacturing Careers

Discover the tools, technology, STEAM and soft skills used on the job.

Metal Fabricator
Manufacturing Engineer
Tool and Die Apprentice
Press Operator

Facts about Manufacturing

lean more about manufacturing opportunities in Waterloo.

Job Outlook
Average Annual Income
4 , 2 7 5
Projected Job Openings

Companies in Waterloo

Click on these company profiles to explore awesome opportunities in our community.

Kuntz Electroplating Inc
Coaching with Kyley
Conestogo Mechanical
Deep Trekker
Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care
Companies: Get Involved!
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Catholic Schools with Premium Memberships

Click on these school profiles to explore awesome opportunities in our community.

St. Mary's High School
St. David Catholic Secondary School
Resurrection Catholic Secondary School
Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School
St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School

Public Schools with Premium Memberships

Click on these school profiles to explore awesome opportunities in our community.

Huron Heights Public School
Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute
Glenview Park Secondary School
Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate & Vocational School
Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary School
Waterloo Collegiate Institute
Eastwood Collegiate Institute
Grand River Collegiate Institute
Preston High School
Bluevale Collegiate Institute
Jacob Hespeler Secondary School
Forest Heights Collegiate Institute
Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School
Galt Collegiate Institute & Vocational School
Southwood Secondary School
Elmira District Secondary School

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