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Edge Factor Experiences

Many different experiences to meet your needs. Be it a Virtual event, Free campaign with Edge Factor Content or a Live Event, you will find what you are looking for here.

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Upcoming FREE Toolkits

Every two months, Edge Factor provides a new toolkit of free resources. Plan out your year and pre-register TODAY!

Women in Skilled Trades
March - April
Indigenous Students
May - June
Summer Camp
July - August
Rock MFG Day
Sept - Oct
Nov - Dec
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Virtual Events

Communities across North America are hosting virtual events with Keynotes, Exhibitor Halls, and access to Edge Factor media.

Lawrence County
St. Joseph Missouri - Archived
Manitoba Canada - Archived
KVCC Virtual Skilled Trades Expo - Archive

Keynote Presentations

Inspire your audiences with a keynote presentations from Edge Factor Found Jeremy Bout.

Women in Skilled Trades Keynote Presentation
Future Skilles Keynote Presentation
MFG Day Keynote
Head, Hands, Future