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Jun 18, 2015
Standing on the Edge
Edge Factor is on the cover of this month's CME's 20/20 magazine! "Gnarly, man. It’s hardly a phrase that you would expect to be tied to manufacturing but, thanks to Jeremy Bout, that’s exactly how the millennial generation is learning about the industry in schools across both the United States and Canada." Click here to read the full 20/20 article!

Jun 02, 2015
Listen Live: WJR Radio
LISTEN LIVE to WJR Radio at 8:15am ET to hear Jeremy Bout & Paul W Smith talk about the future of ‪‎manufacturing‬! Click here to tune in as they record from THE BIG M

Special thanks: Sandvik Coromant, Mastercam, Gene Haas Foundation

May 12, 2015
CNC Software and Edge Factor Collaborate in 2015
CNC Software Inc. has announced that it will be partnering with media company Edge Factor throughout 2015. All the media produced by Edge Factor forms the foundation of its eduFACTOR suite of multimedia resources for STEM educators and business leaders to teach and inspire the next generation of advanced manufacturers. According to CNC Software, users of the suite can see Mastercam’s influence throughout, including some media developed by CNC Software employees. Read the full article on Modern Machine Shop!



Edge Factor produces high impact media that tell stories of creative, innovative makers who are using manufacturing to change lives. Our mission is simple: to equip educators and business leaders with meaningful media and resources to inspire the next generation of makers.

Based on these productions, our content developers build unique tools for our eduFACTOR distribution channel to be used in schools and communities around the world.

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