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California has the Edge

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Overview of Edge Factor's Media & Tools

For Premium Members: Discover the thousands of videos, lesson plans, and activities we've created for students to go on a Career Journey.

Award-winning films and TV series inspire students and job-seekers to launch training and career pathways.
Provide students with tools to explore industries, companies, careers, and training programs!
Help students prepare to enter the workforce with technical skills and transferable soft skills.
Learn how to create your School and Program Profiles and encourage companies to add free Company Profiles.

Cinematic Stories

Watch stories of real life people using music, art and entertainment to inspire the world around them.

Metal & Flesh
Timid Tigress
Chilean Mine Rescue
Happy Accident
Masters of Resonance Film
Under The Bus
Jazzy Artisan
We Are Electric
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Arts, Media & Entertainment Overview
What's it like to work in this industry? Watch this short video!
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Career Profiles

Explore the typical responsibilities, STEAM and Soft Skills used in specific manufacturing careers.

Lighting Specialist
Park Maintenance
Senior Graphic Designer
Marketing Technology Manager
Head of Automation

Virtual Workplace Experiences

Take a virtual field trip to different workplaces that are lead by industry professionals.

Manufacturing Overview
What's it like to work in advanced manufacturing? Watch this short video!
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Career Profiles

Explore the typical responsibilities, STEAM and Soft Skills used in specific manufacturing careers.

Industrial Designer
Quality Control and Calibration
Design Engineer
Service Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Industrial Mechanic Millwright
Robotic Programmer
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Soft Skills on the Job

Learn how these industry professionals are using soft skills on a daily basis.

Detail Oriented
Time Management
Problem Solving
Architecture & Construction Overview
Discover more careers of people working together to design and construct our world.
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Virtual Workplace Experiences

Go behind closed doors and learn more about the careers, skills, tools and equipment in Construction.

Career Profiles

Learn more about the daily responsibilities, STEAM and soft skills used in Architecture & Construction.

Civil Engineer
Product Support Manager
Roofing Coordinator
Companies: Get Involved!
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