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From the moment the beat drops and the images flash, the award-winning films, TV episodes, and short stories in the Edge Factor Show series grab your attention and your heartstrings. Each episode is a tapestry of inspiring stories, signature cinematography, and innovation that lights up the screen and sparks the imagination of viewers.

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Featuring Neil Peart from RUSH
Go from the forest to the stage and pull back the curtain on the art of drum making.
Watch Masters of Resonance

Edge Factor Show: Season 1

Metal & Flesh
Genesis Ride Pt. 1
Genesis Ride Pt. 2
Chilean Mine Rescue
Gnarly Metal
The Beginnings
Crash, bang, SPARKS!
Feel the excitement as teams of students use innovation to build combat bots.
Watch Robobots

Edge Factor Show: Season 2

American Ingenuity
We are Electric
Answering Africa
Built For Speed
Reach Beyond
Optical Illumination
The Hand
Total Overhaul
Charging Up
Under The Bus
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Happy Accident
Professor Schmitt turns a skateboard into the catalyst for X Games gold.
Watch Happy Accident