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Answer the question, "When in real life will I ever use this?" with videos that explain Science topics and how they are used in real-world careers.

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Agriculture &Natural Resources

Discover how science comes alive in the world of agriculture.

Culinary Food Forest
Edible Flowers
Ground Cover
Types of Bees
What is Ornamental Horticulture?
Horticultural Understanding
Horse Health
Dairy Maternity Barn
Dairy Cow Identification
Pine Tree Identification and Light Management
Forestry Lifecycle
Forestry Invasive Species
Tree Age Identification
What is a Plantation Forest?
How to Monitor a Snake Habitat
Blandings Turtle Threats and Hazards
Anatomy of a Blandings Turtle
Artificial Turtle Habitat
The Importance of Beekeeping
The Inner Beehive
Strawberry Fruit Formation
Anatomy of a Pinot Noir Cluster
Pinot Noir Fermentation Cap Management
Population Dynamics
Cellular Biology
Viticulture Growth of the Vine
Viticulture Vines
Strawberry Plants
Coolest Plant Ever
Horticulture Instinct
What is a Spring Garden?
Culinary Herb Garden
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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Learn how non living things are examples of Physical Science and are used in agricultural careers.

Viticulture Soil
Soil for Strawberry Farming
Government & Public Administration
Water management involves the control, movement and treatment of water.
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Architecture & Construction

Explore how Physical Science is used by industry professionals in Construction.

The Effect of the Water Table on House Development
Knowledge of Materials - Carpentry
AC to DC Electricity
Drainage/Gravity - Plumber
Water Pressure - Plumber
Frequencies - Electrical Apprentice
Transfer of Energy - HVAC
Transfer of Energy - Electrician
Hot and Cold Expansion - Carpentry
Capillary Action - Plumber
Environment and Ambient Temperatures - HVAC Tech
Siding Expansion and Contraction
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Discover how non-living systems intersect with the Transportation industry.

Kinetic Energy
The Importance of Aircraft Paint
Properties of Light
Chemical Reactions
Chemical Reactions - Shop Foreman
Flaps and Slats - Aircraft Maintenance


Inanimate natural objects like metals and raw materials are often used in Manufacturing! Watch now.

Raw material handling and setting
Absorbing Forces
Ball Drop
Electrical Energy
The Perfect Ollie
Mechanical Systems & Energy
Distortion of Steel - Welder
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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Sustainability and Sciences are critically important to careers in Agriculture.

Viticulture Sustainability
Dairy Farm Sustainability
Forestry Sustainability
Regenerative Agriculture
Forestry Harvesting


Discover how sustainability and Earth Science topics come alive in Manufacturing.

Environmental Sustainability
Hydraulic Systems - Millwright
Friction - Robotics and Motion Control

Architecture & Construction

Electrical, Forces, Energy, Materials... Watch how Science is used in Construction careers!

Electrical Theory - Elevation Device Mechanic
Traction - Elevation Device Mechanic
Earth Materials - Carpentry
Materials Granulars
Wood Types
Stone Materials
Sustainable Design
Transfer of Energy - Electrician
Fulcrums - Carpentry
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Learn how people in Transportation careers are tapping into sustainable thinking to build a brighter tomorrow.
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