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K-12 Educator
Post Secondary Educator
Workforce Development
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Launchpoint TV Series
Adrenaline Junkie
Big Attitude
Jazzy Artisan
Overcoming Barriers
Shifting Gears
Timid Tigress
Tragic Inspiration
Wave Maker
Gearhead Squared
Wake Rider
Kicking Axis
Industry Tour
Behind Closed Doors Film
We Are Electric
Edge Factor Show
Metal & Flesh
Metal & Flesh Episode 3
Metal & Flesh Short Film
Reach Beyond
Metal & Flesh Episode 1
The Hand
Genesis Ride Pt. 2
Total Overhaul
Chilean Mine Rescue Episode 1
Chilean Mine Rescue Episode 2
Genesis Ride Pt. 1
Gnarly Metal Episode 1
Gnarly Metal Episode 2
Charging Up
Optical Illumination
Metal & Flesh Episode 2
Reality Redesigned Student Competition
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Game Changer
GameChangers - Gnarly Metal
GameChangers - Metal & Flesh
GameChangers - Chilean Mine
Virtual Workplace Experience
Aircraft Refurb and Install
Wood Working
Local Careers
Project Manager
Broiler Service Technician
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance--Installation and Repair
Senior Maintenance Technician
Mechatronics Technician
Robotic Welding Programmer
Engineering Manager
Fabrication and Welding
Production Operator
Automated Assembly Mechanic
Machine Operator
Machine Operator
Machine Operators
Saw Operator
Stamping Press Maintenance
Career Profile
Electrical Apprentice
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Assembly Technician
Auto Service Technician
Broiler Service Technician
Control Technician
Director of Plant Operations
Elevating Devices Mechanic
Lead Operator
Maintenance Coordinator
Maintenance Reliability Specialist
Maintenance Technician
Park Maintenance
Laser Applications Engineer
Mechatronics Apprentice
Robotic Programmer
Robotics and Motion Control
Robotics Engineer
Welding Engineer
Plastic Injection Technician
Composites Manager
Sheet Metal Worker
Applications Engineer
Applications Engineer
Head of Assembly
Head of Automation
Journeyman Wireman
Materials Engineer
Production Engineer
Production Manager
Production Operator
Filler Operator
Lead Processor
Sensory Specialist
Assembly and Quality Control
Quality Control and Calibration
Quality Control Inspector
Quality Control Inspector
Quality Control Inspector
5 Axis Programmer - Machinist
CNC Machinist
CNC Machinist
CNC Machinist
Electrical Machinist
General Machinist
High-Precision Thread
Industrial Mechanic Millwright
Machining Technologist
Machinist - Patriot Forge
Mechanical Engineer
Specials Programmer CNC Machinist
Tool and Die Apprentice
Product Manager
Cabinet Shop Supervisor
General Carpenter
Aircraft Foam Technician
Aircraft Upholstery Technician
Canning Operator
CNC Operator
Electrical Automation
Machine Technical Specialist
Masa Operator
Press Operator
Production Technical Coordinator
Production Technician
Precision Optics Manufacturing Apprentice
Product Development Specialist
CAD/CAM Instructor
Design Engineer
Industrial Designer
Highschool career training programs
STEAM Breakout
AC to DC Electricity - Elevating Device Mechanic
Acceleration, Speed, Velocity - Elevation Device Mechanic
Automation Data- Maintenance Reliability Specialist
Blueprints and Technical Drawings - Elevation Device Mechanic
Bluetooth sensors - Maintenance Reliability Specialist
Chemistry- Maintenance Reliability Specialist
Data Analysis - Elevation Device Mechanic
Data input - Millwright
Electrical Theory - Elevation Device Mechanic
Forces - Elevating Device Mechanic
Geometry Angles/ Plumb and Square - Elevation Device Mechanic
Stored Energy/ Potential Energy - Elevation Device Mechanic
Traction - Elevation Device Mechanic
Algebra - Robotics and Motion Control
Building Systems - Architectural Designer
Electronics Robotics and Motion Control
Friction - Robotics and Motion Control
Newtons Second Law - Robotics and Motion Control
Ratios and Gearboxes - Robotics and Motion Control
Estimating - Sheet Metal Specialist
Velocity/ CFM/Airflow - Sheet Metal Specialist
Air Pressure - Sheet Metal Specialist
Data Input - General Machinist
Formulas - General Machinist
Geometry - General Machinist
Geometry - Sheet Metal Specialist
Hydraulic Systems - Millwright
Measuring Tools - General Machinist
Measuring Tools - Millwright
Metallurgy - General Machinist
Technical Drawings - General Machinist
Trigonometry - General Machinist
Blueprint - Welder Kaylyn
Blueprints - Welder
Distortion of Steel - Welder
Matter and Energy - Welder
Measurement - Welder
Properties and Metals - Welder
Technology - Welder
Welding Art - Welder
Success Factor - Ethics
Communication - Maintenance Reliability Specialist
Highschool Programs
Aircraft Maintenance
Auto Painting
Auto Service Technology
Automation and Control
CNC Machining
School Profile
Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee
CTE Program
HTEC Manufacturing
CTE Mechatronics
CTE Fashion Design
CTE Power, Structural, & Technical Systems
Post Secondary Program TouchPoint
Composites Technology
Computer Integrated Machining
Precision Machining
Technology & Processes
Install Process- Air Transportation
Cutting Costs with Robotics
Robotic Systems - Assembly
Robotic Systems - LVDT Table
Robotic Systems - Manufacturing Components
Robotic Systems - Robotic Integration
Robotic Systems - Solutions for Clients
GMAW Long Arc Characteristics
Cabinet Door Styles - Wood Working
Wood Types - Wood Working
Wood Working Machines - Wood Working
Success Factor Breakout
Customer Interaction - Elevating Device Mechanic
Lifelong Learning - Elevating Device Mechanic
Communication - Robotics and Motion Control
Teamwork - Robotics and Motion Control
Great Attitude - Sheet Metal Specialist
Problem Solving - Sheet Metal Specialist
Careful, Attentive, Precise work - General Machinist
Communication - General Machinist
Communication - Millwright
Teamwork - Millwright
Attention to Detail - Welder
Being aware of your Surroundings - Welder
Communication - Welder
Listening - Welder