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Industry Tour

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Company Tour: Grimsmo Knives
Virtual Fieldtrip at Grimsmo Knives
Tolerance and Aerospace
5-Axis Machining
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
Company Tour: Haas Automation
Company Tour: Lincoln Electric
Company Tour: Haas
Company Tour: CAD
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Edge Factor Show

Field trip to Esperanza
Paul Schmitt - Edge Factor Talk
At IMTS - Aerospace
At IMTS - Automotive
Genesis Ride Pt. 2
Gnarly Metal Part 2
Metal & Flesh
Metal & Flesh Part 2
Metal & Flesh Part 3
Metal & Flesh Short Film
Reach Beyond
Total Overhaul
Chilean Mine Rescue
Chilean Mine Rescue Part 1
Chilean Mine Rescue Part 2
Happy Accident
Optical Illumination
The Hand
Charging Up
Fueling Innovation
Genesis Ride Pt. 1
Gnarly Metal Part 1
Metal & Flesh Part 1
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Reality Redesigned Student Competition

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
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Game Changer

Game Changers: Gnarly Metal
Game Changers: Metal & Flesh
Game Changers: Chilean Mine
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Skilled Responders

CNC Machinist
Millwright Apprentice Handling Specialty
Steel Fabrication
Mining Millwright Apprentice
Machinist Apprentice
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Launchpoint TV Series

American Ingenuity
Big Attitude
Jazzy Artisan
Overcoming Barriers
Shifting Gears
Timid Tigress
Tragic Inspiration
Wave Maker Short
Gearhead Squared
Adrenaline Junkie
Wake Rider
Kicking Axis
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Local Careers

Project Manager
Broiler Service Technician
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance--Installation and Repair
Senior Maintenance Technician
Mechatronics Technician
Robotic Welding Programmer