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Share thousands of e-learning and career exploration tools with students in classrooms, at events, and at home!

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Overview of Edge Factor's Media & Tools

Discover the thousands of videos, lesson plans, and activities we've created for students to go on a Career Journey.

Award-winning films and TV series inspire students and job-seekers to launch training and career pathways.
Provide students with tools to explore industries, companies, careers, and training programs!
Help students prepare to enter the workforce with technical skills and transferable soft skills.
Learn how to create your School and Program Profiles and encourage companies to add free Company Profiles.
Summer Camps 2022
This summer, equip students to discover careers and enter to win the STEAM Challenge!
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What's New?

Pet Factor for Grades K-2+
The Pet Factor series helps early learners understand important soft skills, as they connect caring for animals with skills they will need in future careers.
What's in your Toolbelt? Grades 3-4+
In this series, kids realize: you need to use the right tools for the right job! Real-life people answer the question, "What's in your toolbelt?"
Entrepreneurial Skills for Grades 11-12+
Ignite the entrepreneurial spirit! Discover what it takes to launch and run a company.
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Keynote Presentations

Inspire your audience with a Keynote Presentations that showcase career opportunities and teach life skills.

Indigenous Tradespeople Keynote
Muster Your Curiosity
Future Skills
Tool Up. Step Up.
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ALL New Virtual Workplace Experiences

Manufacturing Composite Deck Boards
Construction Management
Biomass Power Generation
Commercial Construction
Commercial Plumbing
Food Services and Hospitality
Custom Welding, Machining and Manufacturing
Commercial Electrical Process
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Explore Industries and Careers
Introduce students to opportunities in diverse industries.
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Popular Career Profiles

Watch and share the most popular career profiles on the Edge Factor platform.

IT Manager
CMM Operator
Tractor Assembler
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician
Associate Director of Longterm Care
Executive Chef
Associate Project Developer
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