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Build Your Workforce Pipeline

Connect with workforce ready students and inspire youth to get to know your company.

Build a Brand Presence
And grow your workforce pipeline.
Measure Your Impact
The attention your brand is getting.
Take a Tour
Learn how to get started.
Train Your Team
Teach ethics and soft skills.
Host an MFG Event
Tools to put on a turnkey event.

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Celebrate the impact that makers, music, & artists have on our lives.
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Discover the new technology like Industry 4.0, robotics, or AI.
An all-new talk show from Edge Factor featuring interviews with inspirational thought leaders.

Engage Your Community

Create a Profile Page
Put your company on the map and tell people what you do.
Profile Your Careers
Introduce parents, students, and jobseekers to careers at your company.
Celebrate Rock MFG Day
Free Manufacturing Day toolkit to inspire the next generation of makers!
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Cancelled Events?

We have tools that you can send home to engage students, parents, and job-seekers in your community.

MFG Day Kit: CTE Strong
MFG Day Kit: Paradox
MFG Day Kit: Reach Beyond
MFG Day Kit: We are Electric
MFG Day Kit: Total Overhaul
MFG Day: Behind Closed Doors

Teach Transferable Skills

Chemical Reaction
Technology - Truck and Coach Mechanic
Technical Drawings - General Machinist
Welding Art - Welder
Measuring Tools - Millwright
Celebrate Apprenticeships
This week, share how Apprenticeships provide real skills for the real world.
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Train Your Team

Select your industry and find resources to onboard or help your team better understand the technology they use or sell.

CTE Jumpstart
Media & Video Technology
Public Safety & Law Enforcement
Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics
Agriculture & Natural Resources
Architecture & Construction
Arts, Music, & Theatre
Business & Administration
Government & Public Administration
Health Sciences Technology
Hospitality & Tourism
Human Services
Help Desk
Curated guides and tutorials to help you onboard and learn best practices.
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