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Engage and Prepare Students

Explore how you can engage students and prepare them to make an informed career decision.

Recommended this Month
Introduce topics and spark interest.
Teach Soft Skills
Help students be work-ready.

All New: Virtual Workplace Experiences

Go behind closed doors and discover real-life work environments in diverse industries.

Cattle Feeding Technology
Mechatronic Operations
Planning, Design and Development
Automotive Maintenance, Installation and Repair
Culinary Food Services
Celebrate Rock MFG Day
Free Manufacturing Day toolkit to inspire the next generation of makers!
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Industry Overview videos

Introduce students to opportunities in diverse industries.

Education Overview
Human Services
Architecture and Construction
Public Safety
Media & Video Technology
Information Technology
Hospitality and Tourism
Government & Public Admin
Business and Administration
Art, Music & Theatre
Agriculture & Natural Resource
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Financial Literacy
Empower students to understand & manage their finances.
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Help Desk
Curated guides and tutorials to help you onboard and learn best practices.
Training Webinar
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Free Student Resources

Watch, share, or assign these family friendly e-learning resources with your students.

Have an idea of what you want to do? Explore that industry and the career pathways you could pursue.
Not sure what you want to do for a job? Pick a topic that interests you and explore related stories and careers.
Watch a story and learn about the people and careers featured in it!

Inspirational Shorts

Watch these stories and discover the passionate people who work in these industry sectors.

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
Architecture & Construction
Business and Administration
Hospitality and Tourism
Human Services
Programming and Software
Agriculture and Natural Resources

Virtual Fieldtrips

Company Tour: Lincoln Electric
Company Tour: CAD
Company Tour: Cleco
Company Tour: Grimsmo Knives
Company Tour: Haas
Company Tour: Haas Automation
Company Tour: Hydac
Company Tour: Innovation