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Genesis Ride

The edge of our existence is constantly expanding. New companies and ideas are coming to life all around us. But it’s easy to look at someone’s success and be blind to the hard road and dedication that it took them to get there. Join Jeremy Bout as he meets two completely different entrepreneurs and discover the blood, sweat and tears behind two gamechanging products.


Metal & Flesh

After a tragic accident claimed his leg, Mike Schultz, a Snocross world champion, faced his biggest challenge yet. 3 weeks after amputation, Mike designed his own prosthetic leg. Within 7 months, he won silver in the motocross X-Games & began designing prosthetics for other challenged athletes, including veteran Keith Deutsch. Join Jeremy as he discovers how Mike triumphed over loss and watch Keith’s dream of snowboarding becomes an amazing new reality.

Gnarly Metal

In the extreme world of mountain biking, riders are constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible. Advanced biking gear has to keep up with this demand. In this episode, Jeremy Bout teams up with some of the most innovative minds in the biking industry to walk through the cutting edge technology, materials and processes they use to design and manufacture gear that will potentially change the game for slopestyle riders forever.

Chilean Mine Rescue

For 69 days, 33 Chilean miners were clinging for their lives in a mine under 2200 feet of solid rock. The Chilean Mine Rescue goes behind the scenes of one of the most internationally covered news storiesand introduces the heroes behind the rescue of these 33 men.  In this episode, Jeremy meets with the inspirational team who stopped at nothing to design and build the rock drill that made this rescue mission possible.
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