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Upcoming Events

Over the past few years, Jeremy Bout has keynoted both live and virtual events to tens of thousands of educators, industry leaders and students across North America. Jeremy's enthusiasm and media rich presentations inspire the leaders of today and recruit the leaders of tomorrow. 

To book Jeremy at your upcoming event, email Larissa Hofman at! Thank you.


MFG Day Events: US and Canada

As the official Media Partner for the US MFG Day 2015 and MFG Day Canada, Edge Factor's high impact media will be played at events across North America. Jeremy Bout will also be attending several MFG Day events in person. More details are on the way.



Date: 2015
Locations: Across North America


HTEC 2015: CNC Educators Training Conference

Jeremy Bout will be presenting for the third year in a row at the HTEC National Conference! This year's theme is Innovating Manufacturing Education through "Learning by Doing" will also include a tour of Haas Automation's headquarters!


Date: July 27-30
Location: Oxnard, CA


University of Akron Educators Event

Ohio educators who are passionate about CTE and boosting manufacturing across their state are gathering at the University of Akron. Edge Factor's Director of Communications, Larissa Hofman will be presenting a multimedia presentation that focuses on how educators can inspire their students with eduFACTOR media and resources. 


Date: August 13
Location: Akron, OH



CMTS is Canada’s largest manufacturing mecca. More than 8,000 manufacturing professionals attend CMTS to discover the latest advancements in machine tool, tooling, metal forming and fabricating, advanced manufacturing including 3D printing/additive manufacturing, automation, design engineering and plant management segments from over 700 potential suppliers. CMTS provides attendees from all walks of manufacturing an experience they never forget and often repeat: a hands-on, flexible, learning environment of revolutionary technologies.


Date: Sept 28 - Oct 1
Location: Toronto, ON


AME International Conference

One of the comments AME hears from attendees every year is that their companies’ lean efforts got off to a great start, and associates are engaged in the lean program, but that sustaining and maintaining the initial momentum and results is difficult. That’s where Edge Factor comes in. Equipped with a turnkey solution, Jeremy Bout will be keynoting at this year’s AME International Conference and presenting the resource eduFACTOR.


Date: October 19-23
Location: Cincinnati, OH


Upper Peninsula Talent Summit

The 2015 Upper Peninsula Talent Summit is featuring Jeremy Bout as their Keynote Speaker and successful CTE students present information about their learning and projects during breakout sessions. CTE is critical to ensuring that the UP is globally competitive; actively partners with employers to design and provide high-quality, dynamic programs; prepares students to succeed in further education and careers; and is a results-driven system that demonstrates a positive return on investment.


Date: October 29
Location: Marquette, MI


AEM Annual Conference

Is your company poised to ride the next wave of innovation? Do you know which direction the political and economic currents are flowing? Join us for the 2015 AEM Annual Conference, with Keynote Speaker Jeremy Bout and our experts will prepare you to navigate the coming changes in industry, politics and the economy.AEM’s Annual Conference will prepare you to find the next key to helping your company grow with the next changing tide.


Date: November 3
Location: Miami, FL

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