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Tools to help you explore diverse industries and career pathways.


Local Healthcare Careers

Check out these career profile videos filmed at Rochester Regional Health!

Respiratory Therapist
Mammography Specialist
CNA Physical Therapy
Registered Dietician
Clinical Pharmacist

Optics in Focus

Explore local career pathways in optics at Optimax and OptiPro!

Precision Optics Manufacturing Apprentice
Marketing Communications Manager
Customer Service Technician
Supply Chain Specialist

Food Processing Careers

Curious about what happens behind closed doors at Baldwin Richardson?

Filler Operator
Production Operator
Sensory Specialist
Lead Processor

Wayne County Agriculture Careers

Discover how the entrepreneurial spirit comes alive in these careers.

Head Cider Maker
Packaging Manager
Business Development Administrator
Operations Manager

Careers in legal services

Explore career profile videos filmed with Gowling WLG Hamilton.

Business Lawyer
Intellectual Property Lawyer
Law Firm Marketing Manager

Browse Industries

Explore diverse, modern industries to discover what interests you.

Information Technology
Architecture and Construction
Business and Administration
Agriculture & Natural Resource
Hospitality and Tourism
Government & Public Admin
Art, Music & Theatre
Human Services
Media & Video Technology
Public Safety

Explore local Careers

Explore career pathways in your community.

Cleco Factory Tour
Distribution Engineer
Electrical and Instrumentation Tech
Power Plant Operations Technician
Line Technician

Explore Healthcare

Careers that focus on studying, treating and preventing illnesses, diseases and injuries.

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Nursing Careers

Explore a variety of nursing roles and how they impact people's lives in tangible ways.

Pediatric RN
Neuroscience Nurse Manager
ER Nurse
OB Nurse
Clinical Nurse Manager
Nurse Manager
Nurse Manager
CTE Nurse Assistant

Medical Imaging

Careers to help view the human body in order to diagnose, monitor, or treat medical conditions.

Radiologic Technologist
Mammography Specialist
MRI Technologist
Director of Radiology
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Explore Careers in Dental

Through education, diagnosis and treatment, dentists provide the public with an essential health service.

Dental Hygienist
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Medical Therapy

Discover careers that build strengths and teach new skills allowing patients to manage life challenges.

CNA Physical Therapy
Respiratory Therapist
Physical Therapist
Manager of Therapy Services
Overcoming Barriers

Explore Information Technology

IT careers that involve producing, processing, storing, and using information and data.

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Discover Cyber Security careers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts these careers will grow by 18% in the next 7 yrs.

Software Developer
Information Security Project Manager
Security Software Engineer
Security Technician
IT Manager
Senior Network Administrator
Senior Information Security Analyst
CTE CISCO Networking

Browse careers in IT Support Services

Careers that investigate, troubleshoot, and problem solve to meet the needs of customers.

Service Engineer
Marketing Technology Manager
CAD/CAM Instructor
Global Dir. of Program Dev.
Technical Illustrator
IT Manager
IT Systems Administrator
Information & Communication Technology
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Explore Careers in Business Administration

Careers that involve marketing, finance, sales and customer service.

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Careers in Marketing

Learn about careers that promote and sell products through advertising.

Marketing Associate
Marketing Technology Manager
Senior Graphic Designer
CTE Professional Sales

Get a shot of inspiration

Not sure which industry to browse? Watch a film to get inspired.

Timid Tigress
Adrenaline Junkie
Tragic Inspiration
Jazzy Artisan
Kicking Axis

Browse careers in Merchandising

Develop ways to sell products to retail customers.

Packaging Manager
Supply Chain Specialist
McDowell High School
McDowell Tech Community College

Discover careers in Professional Sales

Good salespeople are both empathetic and competitive as they focus on bringin' in money.

Dir of Global Purchasing
Service Engineer
Trade Show Manager
Supply Chain Specialist

Careers in Finance

The art of money management.

Foundation Administrator
Dir of Global Purchasing
Purchasing Manager
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Explore Careers in Engineering

The use of scientific principles to design and build machines.

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Careers in Design Engineering

Careers that use CAD software to develop, launch and improve manufacturing processes and production.

Design Engineer
Design Engineer
Industrial Designer

Discover careers in Applications Engineering

Learn more about the value of customer feedback and how it drives product development.

Applications Engineer
Laser Applications Engineer
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Let us help you tell your story.
Edge Factor travels around the world to film companies, careers, & STEAM.
Learn more.

Explore Manufacturing

These careers merge technology with ideas to build the world around us and impact lives.

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Careers in Metal Formation and Creation

Composites Manager
ELLWOOD City Forge Group
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Discover careers in Assembly

Browse careers that use technology to assemble finished products and components.

Assembly Technician
Head of Assembly
Assembly and Quality Control
Automated Assembly Mechanic

Careers in Machining

Everyday, people are using advanced machining technology to build and innovate.

CNC Machinist
CNC Machinist
Machine Technical Specialist
Manufacturing Engineer
High-Precision Thread
Lead Operator
CNC Operator
Masa Operator
Electrical Automation Technician
Production Technician
Machine Operator
Stamping Press Maintenance
Jazzy Artisan
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Be inspired and explore diverse careers

Watch the film and learn more about real life career profiles featured in story.

Career: Built for Speed
Careers: Metal and Flesh
Careers: Answering Africa
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Company Tours

Virtual tours that go behind closed doors to explore companies and exciting careers.

Career: Behind the Machine
Career: Cleco Factory Tour
Career: Lincoln Electric Tour
Careers: Hydac
Careers: Blum

Explore Careers in Welding

From Tig to Mig, GMAW to lasers, explore careers in welding and see the sparks fly.

Welding Engineer
Laser Applications Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Gearhead Squared
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Explore Nontraditional Pathways
Inspire women and girls to explore careers in manufacturing.
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Browse Careers in Quality Control

These careers use technology to ensure products are consistently made correctly.

Assembly and Quality Control
Quality Control Inspector
Quality Control Inspector
Quality Control Inspector
Sensory Specialist

Careers in CAD/CAM

Explore career profiles of people using computer software to design and build products.

CAD/CAM Instructor
Manufacturing Engineer
Design Engineer
Software Engineer
Senior Network Administrator
Industrial Designer
CTE Drafting
Total Overhaul

Browse careers in production

Working to yield goods or services.

Production Manager
Director of Operations
Machine Technical Specialist
High-Precision Thread
CNC Operator
Production Operator
Production Engineer
Head of Automation
Filler Operator
Sensory Specialist
Production Technical Coordinator
Assembly Technician
Journeyman Wireman
Production Operator

Operations and Management

Browse careers that ensure things run smoothly day-to-day.

Operations Manager
Park Maintenance
Client Advisor