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Fort Smith has the Edge

The Fort Smith Chamber represents a variety of professions and businesses, working to improve communities by tackling workforce development.

Discover our Community
This page is presented in partnership with Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Board.
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Overview of Edge Factor's Media & Tools

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Learn how to create your Schools and Programs Profiles and encourage companies to add free Company Profiles.

Browse Industries

Explore diverse, modern industries to discover what interests you.

Business and Administration Overview
Finance Overview
IT Overview
Health Science and Technology Overview
Manufacturing Overview

Careers in Manufacturing

Explore careers in the manufacturing industry.

Supply Chain Specialist - ABB
Group Coordinator
Manufacturing Engineer
Maintenance Technician
Robot Technician
CNC Operator
Lead Operator
Maintenance Specialist
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Careers in Information Technology

Learn more about the many different career pathways in the I.T. industry.

Software Engineer
Software Developer
Broiler Service Technician
Senior Information Security Analyst
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Careers in Healthcare

Discover how these healthcare professionals show compassion for their patients, families and community.

ER Doctor
Clinical Nurse Manager
CNA Physical Therapy
MRI Technologist
Manager of Therapy Services
Neuroscience Nurse Manager
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Finance Careers

Explore careers that help people manage their money.

Business Analyst
Client Advisor
Supervisor of Financial Planning Analysis
Audit Supervisor

Business & Administration Careers

Discover the many different careers that work towards achieving businesses success.

HR Recruitment Coordinator
Supply Chain Specialist - ABB
Purchasing Manager
Marketing Communications Manager
Marketing & Admin Assistant

Companies in Fort Smith

Click on these company profiles to explore awesome opportunities in our community.

ArcBest - ABF Freight
OK Foods
Mercy Hospital- Fort Smith
Baptist Health
Arvest Bank
Glatfelter Advanced Materials
Companies: Get Involved!
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Jr. High Schools with Premium Memberships

Click on these school district profiles to explore awesome opportunities in our community.

Ramsey Junior High
Kimmons Junior High
Chaffin Junior High
Northside High School
Darby Junior High
Lavaca Middle School
Alma Middle School
Greenwood Freshman Center
Butterfield Trail Junior High

High Schools with Premium Memberships

Click on these school district profiles to explore awesome opportunities in our community.

Belle Point Center
Greenwood High School
Northside High School
Southside High School
Van Buren High School
Hackett High School
Paris High School
Mountainburg High School
Mulberry High School
Cedarville High School
Clarksville High School
Booneville High School

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