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Bruce, Grey, Huron and Perth Counties have the Edge.

Discover our Community
This page is presented in partnership with Four County Labour Market Planning Board.
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Overview of Edge Factor's Media & Tools

For Premium Members: Discover the thousands of videos, lesson plans, and activities we've created for students to go on a Career Journey.

Award winning films and TV series inspire students and job-seekers to launch training and career pathways.
Provide students with tools to explore industries, companies, careers, and training programs!
Help Students prepare to enter the workforce with technical skills and transferable soft skills.
Learn how to create your Schools and Programs Profiles and encourage companies to add free Company Profiles.

Browse Industries

Explore diverse, modern industries to discover what interests you.

Government and Public Administration Overview
Architecture and Construction Overview
Agriculture and Natural Resources Overview
Health Science and Technology Overview
Manufacturing Overview

Local Virtual Workplace Experiences

Discover real-life work environments in your community.

Dairy Cow Life Cycle
Cattle Feeding Technology
Milking Technology

Career Profiles

Learn more about the many different careers in Agriculture and Natural resources sector.

Nuclear Security Officer
Nuclear Security
Supervising Nuclear Operator
Associate Archeologist
Assistant Herdsperson
Calf Manager
Wildlife Biologist
Director of Horticulture
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Go Behind Closed Doors
Learn more about the construction and art form of mortar-free masonry.
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Careers in Construction

Learn more about the day-to-day responsibility in these career pathways.

Master Electrician
Senior Project Engineer
Journeyman Mason
Residential HVAC Technician
Take a Virtual Workplace Tour with Ice Culture
Learn more about carving an ice silhouette, and the chisels used in ice sculpting.
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Local Virtual Workplace Experiences

Go behind closed doors and experience real-life work environments.

Nuclear Energy
Hydroelectric Power
Water Treatment Systems
Traffic Equipment Maintenance, Installation and Repair
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Explore Careers

Learn more about careers in Government and Public Administration.

Sign Technician
Electrical and Instrumentation Tech
Distribution Engineer
Certified Water Quality Analyst
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Local Virtual Workplace Experiences

Go behind closed doors and discover real-life work environments in your community.

Hinge Tool and Die Operations and Processes
Non-Destructive Testing Operations and Practices
Mechanical Engineering

Careers in Manufacturing

Everyday, people are using advanced machining technology to build and innovate.

Quality Control and Calibration
Manufacturing Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Metal Fabricator

Local Companies

Click on these company profiles to explore awesome opportunities in our community.

Nuhn Industries
Ice Culture Inc.
Walkerton Clean Water Centre
Bruce Power
Bruce County Transportation & Environmental Services
Hydro One
Larsen & Shaw
Companies: Get involved!
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Avon Maitland DSB has the Edge

Click on these school profiles to explore awesome opportunities in our community.

Avon Maitland District E-Learning School
Avon Maitland Remote Learning School (AMRLS)
Central Huron Secondary School (CHSS)
F. E. Madill Secondary School (FEMSS)
Goderich District Collegiate Institute (GDCI)
Listowel District Secondary School (LDSS)
Mitchell District High School (MDHS)
South Huron District High School (SHDHS)
St. Marys District Collegiate & Vocational Institute (DCVI)
Stratford District Secondary School (SSDS)
The Centre for Employment & Learning (CEL)

Bluewater DSB has the Edge

Click on these school profiles to explore awesome opportunities in our community.

Alexandra Community School
Amabel-Sauble Community School
Arran-Tara Elementary School
Beaver Valley Community School
Beavercrest Community School
Bruce Peninsula District School
Chesley District Community School
École East Ridge Community School
G.C. Huston Public School
Georgian Bay Community School
Hepworth Central Public School
Highpoint Community School
Hillcrest Central School
Hillcrest Elementary School
Holland-Chatsworth Central School
John Diefenbaker Senior School
Kincardine District Secondary School
Lucknow Central Public School
Macphail Memorial Elementary School
Mildmay-Carrick Public School
Normanby Community School
Osprey Central School
Owen Sound District Secondary School
Paisley Central School
Peninsula Shores District School
Ripley-Huron Community School
Saugeen District Secondary School
Spruce Ridge Community School
Sullivan Community School
Walkerton District Community School

Bruce-Grey Catholic DSB has the Edge

Click on these school profiles to explore awesome opportunities in our community.

École Immaculée-Conception
St. Mary's High School
Holy Family School
Mary Immaculate School
Notre Dame Catholic School
Sacred Heart Catholic High School
Sacred Heart School, Teeswater
Sacred Heart Catholic School, Mildmay
St. Anthony's School
St. Joseph's School
St. Peter & St. Paul's School
St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School

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