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Award-winning films and TV shows that inspire career exploration.


Skilled Responders

Be inspired by the enthusiasm and passion these industry leaders have for their careers.

Therapeutic Riding
Electrical Planner
Sous Chef
Registered Massage Therapist
Truck Driver
Chiropractic Care
Project Manager
Lead Carpenter
Proshop Attendant
Mining Millwright Apprentice
ENC Technician
Stonemasonry Labourer
Machinist Apprentice
CNC Machinist
Millwright Apprentice Handling Specialty
Truck and Coach Maintenance Installation and Repair
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Careers of the Future
A series showcasing emerging technology, industry 4.0, and A.I in the skilled trades.
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Careers of the Future

Watch and learn about the many companies embracing cutting-edge technology to change lives.

Automation and Responsible Consumption
Healthcare and AI
Augmented Reality
Clean Energy
Agriculture and Big Data
Additive Manufacturing
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Fan Favorites

Popular films that both entertain and educate.

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Growth Rings: Narrated by Neil Peart, RUSH Drummer
Celebrate the impact that makers, music, & artists have on our lives.
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Action Films

Adrenaline pumping stories of athletes in extreme sports.

Reality Redesigned
A student design challenge with a reality show twist.
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Stories of Students

These students aren't waiting to graduate to begin changing the world.

Let us help you tell your story!
Edge Factor travels around the world to film companies, careers & STEAM.
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Edge Factor Show: Season 1

Documentaries on Overcoming Adversity

Real life stories of people who defeated the odds to launch extraordinary careers.

Stories to Inspire Careers

Click to watch Edge Factor Films that inspire career exploration.

Edge Factor Show: Season 2

Music Documentaries

Growth Rings
Under The Bus
Jazzy Artisan
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Inspirational Female Leads

Stories of incredible women in extraordinary careers.

Turning Tables

Launchpoint: Season 1

Timid Tigress
Speed Master Pt.1
Speed Master Pt. 2
Overcoming Barriers
Gearhead Squared
Jazzy Artisan
Big Attitude
Shifting Gears
Your past doesn't have to define your future. One man's journey to the White House.
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Entrepreneurship Series

"Vision with action can change the world." - Joel Barker

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Launchpoint: Season 2

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Kicking Axis

Host a Career Exploration Day

Everything you need to inspire students and reach parents at your next MFG DAY event.

MFG Day Kit: We are Electric
MFG Day: Behind Closed Doors
MFG Day Kit: CTE Strong
MFG Day Kit: Paradox
MFG Day Kit: Reach Beyond
MFG Day Kit: Total Overhaul

Edge Factor Live

Founder & Storyteller Jeremy Bout takes the stage to redefine "success" and inspire careers.

American Ingenuity Live
Dear Success
Head, Hands, Future
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