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Iredell has the Edge

Community Directory
Future Skills Experience
Inspire students to gain real skills for the real world in technical education programs!

Schools in Iredell

Brawley Middle School
East Iredell Middle School
Lakeshore Middle School
Mount Mourne School
North Iredell Middle School
Northview School
Pressly School
Statesville Middle School
Troutman Middle School
West Iredell Middle School
East Mooresville Intermediate School
Mooresville Middle School
Mooresville Intermediate School
Career Academy and Technical School
CCTL Early College
Crossroads Arts and Science Early College
North Iredell High School
Lake Norman High School
South Iredell High School
Statesville High School
Mooresville High School
Agriculture & Science Early College
West Iredell High School


Financial Literacy
Empower students to understand & manage their finances.
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Companies in your community

Learn more about the businesses in your community.

Production Operator
Niagara Bottling LLC
Iredell County Economic Development Corporation

Local Careers

Explore career pathways in your community.

Maintenance Supervisor
Senior Maintenance Technician

Browse Industries

Explore diverse, modern industries to discover what interests you.

Education Overview
Transportation Overview
Public Safety & Law Enforcement Overview
Human Services Overview
Media and Video Technology Overview
Hospitality and Tourism Overview
Arts Music and Theatre Overview
Finance Overview
Government and Public Administration Overview
Business and Administration Overview
Engineering Overview
Architecture and Construction Overview
Agriculture and Natural Resources Overview
IT Overview
Health Science and Technology Overview
Manufacturing Overview

Browse careers in Production

The act of creating an output, of goods or services.

Production Manager
Director of Operations
Machine Technical Specialist
Production Operator
Production Engineer
Production Technical Coordinator
Assembly Technician
Journeyman Wireman
Production Operator

Facts about Manufacturing in Iredell

Learn about the manufacturing opportunities in Iredell.

Job Outlook
Above Average
Average Annual Income
Projected Job Openings

Discover careers in Assembly

Browse careers that use technology to assemble finished products and components.

Assembly Technician
Head of Assembly
Assembly and Quality Control

Explore careers in Robotics and Mechatronics

Using advanced technology and innovation, these careers are shaping the future.

Plastic Injection Technician
Laser Applications Engineer
Welding Engineer
Fire Alarm Technician
Robotic Programmer

Facts about Agriculture in Iredell

Discover the growing opportunities in Agriculture & Natural resources industry.

Job Outlook
Average Annual Income
Projected Job Openings

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Learn more about career pathways in the Agriculture & Natural Resources.

Environmental Engineer
Director of Horticulture
Head Cider Maker
Broiler Service Technician
Careers of the Future
Discover how emerging technology is impacting the healthcare industry.
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Nursing Careers

Explore a variety of nursing roles and how they impact people's lives in tangible ways.

Pediatric RN
Neuroscience Nurse Manager
ER Nurse
OB Nurse
Clinical Nurse Manager
Nurse Manager
Nurse Manager
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Stories of Students

These students aren't waiting to graduate to begin changing the world.

Charging Up
Tyler Brown built more than a solar car, he built the foundation for his future.
Paradox inspires students to rise up and realize, "If he can do it, I can too."
The Hand
Students create an exoskeleton hand using 3D printing, robotics and teamwork.
Reach Beyond
Students reach beyond the clutches of gravity to create a part for NASA.
Battle cages, hard work & dreams...this is a combat robot competition!

CTE Pathways

Explore high school programs that equip students with real skills for the real world.

CTE Nurse Assistant
CTE Fire Science
CTE Mechatronics
CTE Innovations Lab
CTE Cosmetology
CTE Plant Systems
CTE Criminal Justice
CTE Drafting
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