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Skilled Trades

During this time, we understand that your skilled trades programs are closed. Edge Factor has content that you can use to recruit new students, as well as connect with current students.

E-learning Tools to Teach Your Students

Begin by choosing your sector.

OYAP & Girls
Learn more about how you can get involved in your future TODAY!
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All New: Virtual Workplace Experiences

Go behind closed doors and discover real-life work environments in diverse industries.

Strawberry Farm
Horticulture Operations
Residential Roofing
Construction Foundations
Residential Siding
Commercial Construction
Indigenous Tradespeople
Discover skilled trades technology and careers!
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Reasons Why...

Show people why they should care about SHSM.

Five Reasons a Parent Should Care About SHSM
Four Reasons a Business owner should care about SHSM
Four Reasons Why Students Should Get Involved in OYAP
What is a Co-op and why should I participate?
Maximizing the SHSM Experience
Why SHSM for Businesses
Discover the power of SHSM
Specialist High Skills Major programs equip students to launch successful careers.
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Inspirational stories of SHSM

Learn more about graduates that have pursued their passion after high school.

SHSM Manufacturing Story
SHSM Hospitality and Tourism Story
SHSM Construction Story
Discover Skills Ontario
Programs that provide skills to pursue careers in trades and technology.
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