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Skills & Processes

Hosted by industry professionals, these videos provide helpful explanations of different types of skills and processes that are used in companies and careers.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources

Horticultural Understanding
Birthing a Calf
Sand Pit Material Screening
Sand Pit Rehabilitation
Sand and Gravel Surface Mining
Farm to Table
Bee Hive Maintenance and Operation
Compost Management
Field Environmental Controls
Strawberry Harvesting
Grape straining and Stem Removal
Viticulture Netting Control
How to Test Grape Ripeness for Wine
How to Classify Artifacts
Raised Bed
Pruning Forsythia
Rose Pruning
Harden Off Plants
Insect Control
Mobile Wine Bottling
Sausage Making
Apple Blossom
Managing Tree Size
Cold Storage
Grafting Apple Trees
Plant Sizing
Greenhouse Production
Crop Protection Against Weather
Ball Mill Maintenance, Installation, and Repair
Transporting milk on a Dairy Farm
Cow Comfort and Milk Production
Harvesting and Storing Haylage
Dairy Manure Control
Dairy Farm Feed Systems
De-Leafing The Vine
Cultivating The Soil
Tucking A Vine
Thinning The Fruit
Barrel To Bottle
Underground Wine Storage
Forest Harvesting
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Architecture and Construction

CNC Cutting
How to Read a Blueprint
Commercial Washroom Layout
Pool Retrofit Plumbing Systems
What is a Water Meter Room?
Closed Loop Cooling and Heating System
Building Inspection
Design Process
White Wood Sanding Machine Operation
Cast-in-Place Parking Garage
Foundational Structures and Framing a Residential Home
Tips and Tricks of Constructing a Residential Wall
Residential Construction Plumbing Rough in Overview
Residential Construction Electrical and Framing Rough in Processes and Procedures
Residential Masonry Practices in Cold Temperatures
Residential Truss, Design Process, Manufacturing Phase, and Installation
Structural Support of Conveyor Installation
Structural Steel Welding
Column Blueprint Reading
Anatomy of a Strip Footing
Footings and Rebar
Columns and Rebar
What is a Caisson?
Interior Design Material Selection
Home Inspection Processes and Requirements
Home Building Project Management
Advanced Residential Framing Techniques
Cabinetry Finishing Processes and Operation
Cabinetry Assembly
Roofing Asphalt Shingle
Roofing Basics
Roofing Steel vs. Asphalt
Roofing Flat Roof
Siding Preparation
Siding Installation
Finished Siding
Metal Flashing Forming
Cutting Siding and Soffit
Eavestrough & Siding
Construction Footings and Foundations
Construction Backfilling and Compaction
Construction Storm Water Management
What is an Air Gap?
Wiring a Receptacle - Electrical
HVAC Relay
HVAC Valves
Log Home Walls
Production Numbers
Bulkhead - Construction Renovation
Door Install
Floor Joists
Window Well
What is a Wood Stud?
Cooling a Commercial Building
Heating a Commercial Building
Building a Fireplace
Dressing a Stone
Footings and Bedrock
Granite Textures
Pillar Structure
Thin Veneer Wall
Laying Up Stone
How to Weld a Rock Wall
The Anatomy of Sink Plumbing
Dry Stone Walling
Building An Archway
Through Stones
Laser Cutting and Etching Machine
Anchoring a window
Handling Glass on Site
Preparing an opening for window installation.
Laying Different Kinds of Conduit
Wiring and Breakers
Fishing Wires
Finding The Benchmark
Levelling a Perry Form
What is a Concrete Pump?
Thermal Transfer Through Concrete
Sluice Gate Operation and Management
From Water To Power
Dam Water Operation
What is Formwork?
Blasting Bedrock
What is Remediation?
Metal Fabrication Fitting
Welding Beads of Metal
Estimation Grading Plan
Septic System Design
How to Estimate Utilities
Foundation Estimations
The Importance of a Truss
Residential Building Permit Process
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Arts, Media, & Entertainment

How to Determine a Bleed Size
Computerized Pressure Adjusting Knife
Vinyl Printing Process