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St. Joseph has the Edge
Browse Industries
Explore diverse, modern industries to discover what interests you.
Government & Public Admin
Business and Administration
Agriculture & Natural Resource
Information Technology
Architecture and Construction
Pathway: Finance
Nursing Careers
Explore a variety of nursing roles and how they impact people's lives in tangible ways.
Pediatric RN
Neuroscience Nurse Manager
ER Nurse
OB Nurse
Clinical Nurse Manager
Nurse Manager
CTE Nurse Assistant
Nursing STEAM Takeaway Quiz
Nursing Success Factor Takeaway Quiz
Tragic Inspiration
Stories to Inspire Careers
Click to watch Edge Factor Films that inspire career exploration.
Kicking Axis
Tragic Inspiration
Driven Dreamer
Timid Tigress
Adrenaline Junkie
Agriculture and Food Services
Learn more about career pathways making and marketing cider.
Operations Manager
Business Development Administrator
Packaging Manager
Head Cider Maker
Broiler Service Technician
Tell your story!
Edge Factor travels around the world to film companies, careers, & STEAM.
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Electrical Utilities
Browse careers in electrical distribution and generation.
Power Plant Operations Technician
Line Technician
Electrical and Instrumentation Tech
Distribution Engineer
Cleco Factory Tour
Company Tours
Virtual tours that go behind closed doors to explore companies and exciting careers.
Company Tour: Cleco
Company Tour: Haas Automation
Company Tour: Blum
Company Tour: CAD
Company Tour: Hydac
Company Tour: 5-Axis Machining
Company Tour: Lincoln Electric
Now trending
Discover the top 5 soft skills that business owners are talking about.
Analytical Problem Solving
Work is a Good Thing
Personal Management
Paradox: A CTE Story
The inspiring story of one man's journey from a CTE program to the White House.
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CTE Pathways
Explore high school programs that equip students with real skills for the real world.
CTE Nurse Assistant
CTE Fire Science
CTE Mechatronics
CTE Innovations Lab
CTE Automotive Technology
CTE Computer Programming
CTE Drafting
CTE Criminal Justice
CTE Plant Systems
CTE Cosmetology
CTE Fashion Design
CTE Carpentry
CTE Culinary Arts
CTE Digital Design
CTE Power, Structural, & Technical Systems
CTE CISCO Networking
CTE Education Professionals
CTE Aviation
CTE Early Childhood Education
CTE Animal Systems
CTE Professional Sales
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Edge Factor Live
Founder & Storyteller Jeremy Bout takes the stage to redefine "success" and inspire careers.
Dear Success
Head, Hands, Future
American Ingenuity Live
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Host an Edge Factor Live Event!
Our keynote speakers spark career inspiration, exploration, and preparation.
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