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Tools and Equipment

In these videos, skilled trades and industry professionals explain the different types of tools and equipment they use on-the-job.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources

The Landscaping Base
Landscaping Materials
What is a Lagoon Crawler?
Milking Robot
RFID Dairy Collars
Wine Barrels
A Foresters Tools and Equipment
What is a Fermentor?
Bird Laser Management
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Architecture and Construction

Plumbing Pipe Types
Electrical Transformers
Refurbishing the Core
Anatomy of Structural Steel Building
Aircraft Toolcrib
Floor Leveling Slurry
Garbage Chute
Commercial Hot Water Heater
Cut-Off Saw
Mixing Mortar
Plumbing Materials
What is a Biscuit Joiner?
The Tool Belt of a Industrial Layout Carpenter
The Various Uses of a Crane
What is a Self Levelling Laser?
Design Software
Nested Routing Operation
The Anatomy of Lumber
Black Cat Radar
Role of Blueprints in Ironworking
The Toolbelt of an Ironworker
Swing Over Pump
What is a Water Pump Valve?
What is a Communication Control Panel?
What is a Cable Tray?
Roofing Adhesives
Roofing Air Compressor & Nail gun
Roofing Boom Truck
Roofing Pitch
Roofing Hand Tool
Siding Materials
Soffit and Facia
Construction Excavator
Insulated Concrete Form
Laser Level
What is a Window Washing Anchor?
Aircraft Cabinetry Shop Tools
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Arts, Media & Entertainment

Roll-to-Roll and Flatbed Printers
CNC Router
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Government and Public Services

Black Cat Radar
Electrical Transformers
Treatment Plant Water Testing

Hospitality and Tourism

Baseball Turf
Shaping Ice with Chisels
What is a Steam Kettle?
What is a Rational Oven?
Stand-up Mixer

Information Technology

Fiber Optic Cable


KenTIP Drill to Bore a Part
The Bandsaw
Automated Lumber Cutting and Sorting
Residential Wall Assembly
What is an Automated Saw?
What is a Stair Stringer?
Diamond Cutting Tools
What is a Plastic Mold?
What are Hydraulics?
What are Heat Exchangers?
What is LIDAR?
What are Sensors?
What are Actuators?
What are PLCs?
What are HMIs?
Control Systems
Drives and Motion Control
What is a RealWear HMT-1?
How to Use an Oxy Acetylene Torch
What is a Direct Reading Dosimeter?
Hinge Die Set Operation
Tool and Die Maintenance, Installation and Repair
Wood Working Machines
Robotic Integration
Robotic LVDT Table Systems
Log Home Timber Planing
Machine Building Components
Roofing Boom Truck
Using a Lifting Magnet
What is a Plasma Table?
Ball Mill
What is a Checking Fixture?
Die Set Assembly
What is a Fastening System?
Mill Tool Overview
Surface Grinding
Whats in a Machinists Toolbox?
What is a 5-Axis CNC Machine?
What is a Carbide Blank?
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Car Lift
Tire Balancer
Diamond Cutting Tools
Waterjet Operation
CNC Router
Different Machines
Different Truck and Coach Machines
Refurbishing the Core
How To Use a Heavy Equipment Lift Jack
How to Use a Scan Tool
What is in an Automotive Technicians Toolbox
What is an Air Cooled Motor?
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