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Virtual Workplace Experiences

Go behind closed doors to experience walk-and-talk tours of companies across every industry. These virtual field trips provide an authentic look at diverse work environments, careers, tools and equipment, soft skills, and more.

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Agriculture & Natural Resources
Architecture & Construction
Arts, Media & Entertainment
Business & Admin
Government & Public Admin
Hospitality & Tourism
Human Services
Information Technology
Public Safety & Law Enforcement

Agriculture & Natural Resources

The great outdoors provide the backdrop for these Virtual Workplace Experiences.

Biomass Power Generation
Ecological Restoration and Management
Innovative Farming
Mining Technology Skills and Processes
Wind Turbine Operation and Maintenance
Mechanical Engineering
Viticulture Crop Protection
Viticulture Barrel Aging and Bottling Process
Archeological Exploration
Zoo Exhibit Planning and Design
Sand and Gravel Extraction
Crops and Food Growth
Strawberry Farming Crop Structures and Environmental Behaviours
Harvesting Pinot Noir
Reptile Conservation
Dairy Cow Life Cycle
Cattle Feeding Technology
Milking Technology
Ornamental Horticulture
Apple Orchard
Strawberry Farm
Horticulture Operations
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Architecture & Construction

Experience the tools, equipment, and safety requirements with these industry professionals.

Sustainable Carpentry
Learn more about how Re4m uses sustainable resources in carpentry!
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Residential Construction

Go behind closed doors and learn more about the careers, skills, tools and equipment in Residential Construction. Runtime: 8-15mins

New Build Residential Construction Operation and Processes
Electrician Skills and Processes
Building Inspection
Residential Construction Framing
Residential Construction Site Procedures and Processes
Masonry Manufacturing Design
Residential Development Planning & Design
Residential Finishing and Interior Design
Residential Building Design Process
Residential Estimation
Residential Masonry
Residential Siding
Sustainable Carpentry
Roofing Operations and Management
Planning, Design and Development
Log Home Carpentry
Residential HVAC
Mortar Free Masonry
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Commercial Construction

Go behind closed doors and learn more about the careers, skills, tools and equipment in Commercial Construction. Runtime: 8-15mins

Commercial Construction
Commercial Electrical Process
Commercial Plumbing
Concrete Finishing Process
Commercial Construction Operation and Processes
Commercial Roofing Processes
Plumbing Operations and Processes
Commercial Construction Site Operation
Commercial Construction Safety
Commercial Window Installation
Commercial Construction
Golf Maintenance Installation and Repair
Commercial HVAC
Heavy Equipment Maintenance Installation and Repair
Heavy Equipment Operations
Sustainable Development
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Caretaking Operations and Processes
Learn about custodial and caretaking work at Lakeview Public School.
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Industrial Construction

Go behind closed doors and learn more about the careers, skills, tools and equipment in Industrial Construction. Runtime: 8-15mins

Residential High-Rise Forming and Construction
Demolition Processes and Equipment
Equipment Rental Processes and Operations
Electrical Maintenance - Pumping Station
Dam Maintenance, Installation, and Repair
Industrial Formwork

Arts, Media & Entertainment

Discover the passion, dedication and skills that are essential in the Arts, Media and Entertainment Industry.

Ice Sculpting
Training Simulated Reality
Digital Design and Graphic Art Printing
Indigenous Design Operation and Processes
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Go behind closed doors and learn more about the careers, skills, tools and equipment in Education. Runtime: 8-15mins

Exploratory Agricultural Education Operation
Childrens Exploratory Learning Opportunities
Early Childhood Education Approaches

Business & Administration

Learn more about the STEAM and soft skills that are helpful in a career in Business and Administration.

Roofing Operations and Management
Aerospace Operations and Management
Golf Course Operations and Management


Discover the innovation, STEAM and passion used in the banking industry.

Reliant Credit Union.
Learn about credit unions, soft skills, and the statistics and probability used in the financial industry.
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Government & Public Administration

Experience the tools, equipment, and safety requirements with these industry professionals.

Water Treatment Processes
Library Operation
Traffic Equipment Maintenance, Installation and Repair
Nuclear Energy
Hydroelectric Power
Regional Electrical Maintenance, Installation and Repair
Water Treatment Systems
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Discover the knowledge, compassion and soft skills needed in Healthcare.

Medical Device Reprocessing
Healthcare Registration Overview
Seniors Retirement Residence and Facility
Chiropractic Services
Registered Massage Therapy Service
Therapeutic Services

Hospitality & Tourism

Discover the innovation, STEAM and passion used in these culinary kitchens.

Food Services and Hospitality
Family Fun Entertainment Facility Operation
Pizza Restaurant Operation and Processes
Spa Resort Operations
Authentic Italian Restaurant Processes
Indigenous Community Tourism Development
Indigenous Hotel Processes and Practices
Hotel and Managing Services
Indigenous Cuisine Preparation and Plating
Indigenous Cuisine
Hospitality Operation and Management
Historic Restoration Planning and Design
Culinary Food Services
Culinary Agriculture and Food Services
Pastry Food Services
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Human Services

Learn more about tools, techniques, and trends, and what brings joy to those working in human services.

Hair Salon Overview
Healthy Living Fitness

Information Technology

Discover the innovation, STEAM and passion used in the Information and Technology industry.

National Networks
Learn about setting up an internet network, network operations and customer support used in the IT industry.
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Experience the tools, equipment, and safety requirements with these industry professionals.

Custom Welding, Machining and Manufacturing
Heavy Equipment and Equipment Manufacturing
Dairy Processing and Formula Manufacturing
Vacuum Pump Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing Outdoor Equipment
Aerospace Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Services
Structural Steel Fabrication Process
HVAC Assembly
Maple Syrup Manufacturing
Ice Cream Production and Processes
Acrylic Manufacturing Bathware Process and Procedures
Off-Road Seat Fabrication and Assembly
Window and Door Production
Textured Mold Design and Development
Deep Water Robotics
Cabinet Manufacturing and Assembly
Boilermaker Skills and Processes
Fabrication Planning and Processes
Aircraft Interior Design
Pipe Formation Process
Packaging Bag Design and Processing
Machining Parts and Products
Building a Prefabricated Home
Plastic Molding Tool and Die
Bobcat Equipment Fabrication
Hinge Tool and Die Operations and Processes
Non-Destructive Testing Operations and Practices
Fabrication Essentials
Heavy Equipment Part Machining and Assembly
Motors and Mechanical Quality Control
Motor Shaft Quality Control
Custom Metal Fabrication
Manufacturing European Cabinetry
Cutter Grinding Tools
Machine Operations: Cutter Grinding
Circuit Board Assembly
Steel Beam Fabrication
Custom Machining and Fabrication
Folding Carton Manufacturing
Tool and Die
Transportation Part Metal Forming
Industrial Welding
Metal Forming and Creation
Material Handling Vehicle Production
Stone Countertop Production
Mechatronic Operations
Aircraft Carpentry
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Public Safety & Law Enforcement

Discover the innovation, STEAM and passion used in public safety and Law Enforcement.

Aerial Firefighting Helicopter
Police Services
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Transportation & Distribution

Learn more about the tools, equipment, environmental practices, and services offered in the transportation industry.

City International Passenger & Cargo Airport
Heavy Machine Servicing
Warehouse and Third Party Logistics
Boat Cruise Operation and Opportunities
Aircraft Mechanical Processes
Franchise Entrepreneurship
Trucking Soft Skills
Airport Services
Truck and Coach Maintenance, Installation and Repair
Automotive Parts and Body Shop Management
Automotive Repair
Mine Transportation, Maintenance, and Repair
Truck Transportation
Engine Maintenance, Installation and Repair
Welding and Fabrication