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Answer the question, "When in real life will I ever use this?" with videos that Math topics and how they are used in real-world careers.

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Architecture & Construction

Learn how industry professionals use algebraic thinking.

Job Site Calculations and Estimations
Residential Build Appraisal
Conversions in Fabrication
Math in Millwright
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Data Management & Transportation

See how math comes alive for industry professionals in the transportation industry.

Custom Aircraft Monument
Measurement - Auto Body Tech
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Architecture & Construction

Explore how measurement is used by industry professionals in the construction industry.

Scale - Architectural Design
Residential Roofing Estimates
Residential Feasibility vs. Reality
Volume - Carpentry
Converting Units
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In this unique Healthcare career pathway, math is used to measure horses!
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Precision and strong Math skills are incredibly important in Manufacturing careers.

Why is Geometric Measurement Important to an Outer Diameter Grinder?
What is an Optical Comparator?
Geometry in Machine Tools
Geometry - Sheet Metal Specialist
Trigonometry - General Machinist
Architecture and Construction
Measure twice, cut once! Watch as these Construction workers put their math skills to work.
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Ratios and Properties on the Job

Discover how industry professionals in Construction, Transportation and Manufacturing use ratios!

Ratio with Weight- Electrical Apprentice
Ratios - Shop Foreman
Ratios and Gearboxes - Robotics and Motion Control

Architecture & Construction

Learn how Financial Literacy and equations are used in rewarding Construction careers.

Binary Numbers - Electrician
Financial Literacy - HVAC Tech
Financial Skills - Carpenter & Business Owner
Architecture & Construction
Explore how an Electrical Apprentice uses Numbers and Operations on the job.
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Statistics & Probability

Learn more about how industry professionals in Construction and Engineering use Statistics and Probabilty on the job site.

Data Analysis - HVAC Tech
Data Collection - Process Engineering
Data Analysis


Collecting and organizing data equips Manufacturers to draw helpful conclusions from information.

Data Input - General Machinist
Data Input - Millwright
Automation Data
Hospitality and Tourism
In this Geek Out, students learn about math from Baci Ristorante Executive Chef, Michael Elliot.
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See how math comes alive for industry professionals in the transportation industry.

Productivity in the Shop
Trigonometry and Dimensional Calculations
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