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Answer the question, "When in real life will I ever use this?" with videos that explain Technology topics and how they are used in real-world careers.

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Architecture & Construction

Discover how technology is used to communicate and collaborate in construction.

Technology - HVAC Tech
Models and Simulations - Carpentry
Reading and Analyzing Gauges - HVAC Tech


Hear from industry leaders in Transportation describe the types of technology they use.

Technology - Shop Foreman
Technology - Truck and Coach Mechanic
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Discover how industry professionals in transportation use technology to evaluate important information.

Operations and Concepts - Auto Body Technologist
Air Pressure
Diesel Fuel - Truck and Coach Mechanic
Architecture & Construction
Explore how technology is used in construction to analyze facts and make critical judgements.
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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Learn about different types of Agricultural systems and processes.

Mining Environmental Technology
Turtle Head Starting Program
Blandings Turtle Tracking Program
What is Drop Irrigation?
Archeological Techniques
Innovative Electrical Technology
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Architecture & Construction

These videos explain specific types of processes and tools that are used by construction workers.

Commercial Construction - HVAC
Changing Technology in Roofing
Operations and Concepts - Carpentry
Elevator Rough In
What is a Parapet?
The Anatomy of a Curtain Wall
Software - Carpentry
HVAC Piping
Commercial Construction Water Valve
Digital Solutions - Carpenter
Gas Boiler
Fire Prevention Systems
In-Floor Heating
Operations and Concepts - Electrician
Heavy Gauge Steel Studs
Pressure - HVAC Tech
Light Gauge Steel Studs
Technology - Plumbing
Construction HVAC: HRV
Pocket Doors - Electrical
IRR cameras- Electrical Apprentice
HVAC Piping Connections
Cabinet Door Styles
Roofing Venting
Piping Types
Industrial Apartment Rough In
The Unseen Rebar
Commercial Structure Rough In
What is a Total Station?
Plastic Piping
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Let's get under the hood to learn about processes and tools used in the automotive world.

Aircraft Cabinet Materials
Aircraft Steering System
Wiring Gauges - Aircraft Maintenance
Electrical Vehicle
Oil Types - Automotive Repair
Automotive Shocks & Struts
License Types
What is Under The Hood of a Transport truck?
Anatomy of a Tire
Tractor Trailer Basics
Types of Boats
Materials and parts of a Boat.
Automotive Engine Overview
What is a Retroreflectometer?
Operations and Concepts - Auto Body Technologist
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Government & Public Administration

Discover how emerging technologies can improve operations and processes.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Software
Head Gate House Overview
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Mechanical Operation of a Chiropractic Table
Learn how to safely use a chiropractic table from a Doctor of Chiropractic.
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Hospitality & Tourism

Explore technology and processes that are used in Service careers.

Anatomy of a Green
Irrigation Source
Irrigation Plumbing
Golf Course Technology
Wetting Agents
The Mind of a Sous Chef
Front of House vs. Back of House
Historic Technology Integration
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In these videos, manufacturers walk us through different types of technologies and processes.

Customer Options
Building an AGV
Steel Inventory Management
Tools and Equipment for an Industrial Millwright
The Evolution of Technology in Assembly
What is Electrostatic Discharge?
What is Cutter Grinding?
Technology - Welder
Bluetooth sensors - Maintenance Reliability Specialist
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Information Technology

Explore technology and processes that are used in IT careers.

Cat 6 Cable
Network Switch
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