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Soft Skills on the Job

These plug-and-play videos feature industry professionals sharing specific insights and examples of soft skills that are important to their career and/or industry.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources

Self Employment Journey
Customer Support
Customizing Customer Relations

Architecture and Construction

Emotional Intelligence
Problem Solving in Custodial Work
Versatility in Custodial Work
Paying Attention
Lifelong Learning - Elevating Device Mechanic
Customer Interaction - Elevating Device Mechanic
Hard Work
Communication - Carpentry
Good Work Ethics- Carpentry
Work Ethic - Carpentry
Problem Solving - Carpentry
Professionalism - Carpentry
Getting Along with People - Electrician
Attention to Detail - Electrician
Communication - Heating, Refrigeration & A/C
Teamwork - Heating, Refrigeration & A/C
Communication/ Detail - Heating, Refrigeration & A/C
Customer Service - Heating, Refrigeration & A/C
Problem Solving - Plumbing
Decision Making - Plumber
Punctuality - Plumbing
Precise Terminology - Architect
Pride in Your Work - Architect
Customer Service - Heavy Equipment Technician
The Inside View of an Entrepreneur
Good Work Ethic - Carpentry
Community Integration
Residential Construction Dedication to Your Career
Focus on the Job Site
Communication in Building Inspection
Lifelong Learning in Building Inspection
Teamwork in Construction
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Arts, Media & Entertainment

Communication with the Client
Problem Solving


Soft Skills in Finance
Dedication to Your Career
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Government and Public Administration

Soft Skills in Water Analysis
Adaptability to Change
Importance of Listening as a Librarian


Nursing Soft Skills
EMS Soft Skills
Care Taking Soft Skills
Home Care Soft Skills
Interpersonal Skills for RMT Entrepreneurs
Creating a Welcoming Environment
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Information Technology

Analytical Thinking
Information Gathering
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Hospitality and tourism

Life Long Learning in Hospitality
Instant Gratification in the Kitchen
Hospitality Customer Service
Multitasking Essentials of Innkeeping
Tips and Tricks for Remembering Names
Project Commitment and Community Involvement
Commitment to the Enterprise
Confidence in Hospitality
Adaptability in Hospitality
Tips and Tricks for Interviews
Empathy in Hospitality
Staying on Brand in Hospitality
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Human Services

Compassion and Character In Family and Community Services
Following Protocols
Stress Management
Showing Up
Being Adaptable
Working Hard
Reading Body Language
Realities of an Entrepreneur
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Active Listening & Time Management
Finding Success
Teamwork in Mold Making
Adaptability in Boilermaker
The Importance of Multitasking in Machine Operations
Communication - General Machinist
Careful, Attentive, Precise work - General Machinist
Communication - Millwright
Teamwork - Millwright
Communication - Robotics and Motion Control
Teamwork - Robotics and Motion Control
Great Attitude - Sheet Metal Specialist
Problem Solving - Sheet Metal Specialist
Listening - Welder
Communication - Welder
Attention to Detail - Welding
Communication - Electrical Apprentice
Listening - Electrical Apprentice
Troubleshooting - Electrical Apprentice
Challenging the Status Quo - Process Engineering
Communication - Maintenance Reliability Specialist
Customer Service in Quality Control
The Inside View of an Entrepreneur
Delegation and Self Confidence in Entrepreneurship
Collaboration Across the Skilled Trades
Customer Experience in Fabrication
Detail Oriented
Soft Skills in Non-Destructive Testing
Sustainability in Packaging Bags
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Discover how Edward Choi uses Integrity in his career as a police Sergeant.
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Information Gathering
Analytical Thinking
Problem Solving in Trucking Maintenance
The Importance of asking Questions
Embrace Lifelong Learning
Teachable Quality
Showing up Motivated
Attention to Detail- Auto Body Technician
Lifelong Learning- Auto Body Tech
Troubleshooting - Shop Foreman
Following Procedures - Shop Foreman
Good Attitude - Shop Foreman
Constant Learning - Truck and Coach Mechanic
Communication - Truck and Coach Mechanic
Customer Relationship
Communication in Automotive Repair
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