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The process of innovating and creating something using ones hands, machinery, and technology.

Student Directed Activity

Assign this activity for your students to explore the world of Manufacturing careers, STEAM, Soft Skills, and research local opportunities.

Step 1: Open your Eyes
Step 2: Overview
Step 3: Watch a Cinematic Story
Step 4: Explore Manufacturing Careers
Step 5: Prepare for a Career in Manufacturing
Step 6: Research Local Training Programs, Companies and Careers
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Manufacturing Overview
What's it like to work in advanced manufacturing? Watch this short video!
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Skilled Responders

Be inspired by the enthusiasm and passion these industry leaders have for their careers.

Automation Engineer
Shawn Applus
Metal Fabricator
Steel Fabrication
Mining Millwright Apprentice
Millwright Apprentice Handling Specialty
CNC Machinist
Machinist Apprentice
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Cinematic Stories

Watch stories of real life people using technology to push back the edge of what's possible. Runtimes: 30-60mins

Total Overhaul
Metal & Flesh Short Film
Masters of Resonance Film
Chilean Mine Rescue
Gnarly Metal
Genesis Ride Pt. 1
Genesis Ride Pt. 2
Reach Beyond

Inspirational Industry Leaders

Jeremy Bout
Be inspired by Jeremy's career journey.
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Virtual Workplace Experiences

Go behind closed doors and learn more about the careers, skills, tools and equipment. Runtimes: 10-15mins

Plastic Molding Tool and Die
Bobcat Equipment Fabrication
Hinge Tool and Die Operations and Processes
Non-Destructive Testing Operations and Practices
Fabrication Essentials
Heavy Equipment Part Machining and Assembly
Motors and Mechanical Quality Control
Motor Shaft Quality Control
Manufacturing European Cabinetry
Machine Operations: Cutter Grinding
Cutter Grinding Tools
Steel Beam Fabrication
Custom Machining and Fabrication
Aircraft Carpentry
Stone Countertop Production
Tool and Die
Transportation Part Metal Forming
Aircraft Finishing and Interior
Aircraft Maintenance
Aerospace Operations and Management
Mechatronic Operations
Industrial Welding
Welding and Fabrication
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Metal Forming
Explore the skills, technology and equipment used at The Bucket Shop.
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Career Profiles

Explore the typical responsibilities, STEAM and Soft Skills used in specific manufacturing careers. Runtimes: 3-5mins

Non-Destructive Testing Technician
Metal Fabricator
Maintenance Technician
Electronics Technician
Metallurgy Technician
Motor Assembler
Cabinet Shop Supervisor
Electrical Apprentice
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Welder in Training
Control Technician
Lead Operator
Mechatronics Apprentice
Industrial Designer
Maintenance Coordinator
Maintenance Reliability Specialist
Maintenance Specialist - ABB
Park Maintenance
Robotic Programmer
CNC Plasma Cutter Operator
Laser Applications Engineer
Plastic Injection Technician
Composites Manager
Sheet Metal Worker
Assembly Technician
Head of Assembly
Supply Chain Specialist
Filler Operator
Lead Processor
Production Operator
Assembly and Quality Control
Quality Control and Calibration
Quality Control Inspector
5 Axis Programmer
Automation & Electrical Planner
CNC Machinist
CNC Machinist
CNC Machinist
Electrical Machinist
Industrial Mechanic Millwright
Machine Technical Specialist
Machinist - Patriot Forge
Specials Programmer CNC Machinist
Tool and Die Maker
Tool and Die Apprentice
Product Manager
Welding Estimator
CAD/CAM Instructor
CNC Operator
Electrical Automation Technician
Press Operator
Production Technical Coordinator
Production Technician
Precision Optics Manufacturing Apprentice
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Science in Manufacturing

Experience how science comes alive in the manufacturing sector. Runtimes: 1min.

Forging Furnaces and Press Overview
Forging Metallurgy
Quality Control Through Chemical Reaction in Steel
Quality Control of a Motor Shaft
What is Heat Treating?
Acceleration, Speed, Velocity
Friction - Robotics and Motion Control
Newtons Second Law - Robotics and Motion Control
Metallurgy - General Machinist
Distortion of Steel - Welder
Properties and Metals - Welder
Air Pressure
Matter and Energy - Welder
Hydraulic Systems - Millwright
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Technology in Manufacturing

Discover advanced technologies used in manufacturing. Runtimes: 1min.

Evolution of Forging
How to Use an Oxy Acetylene Torch
What is a Fillet Weld?
What is a Bevel?
Preheating Fabrication
What is a RealWear HMT-1?
How to Measure Metal Hardness
Final Inspection in Quality Control
Surface Grinding
What is Bar Stock?
What is a Toolpath?
Millwright Preventative Maintenance, Installation and Repair
Tools and Equipment for an Industrial Millwright
Welding Beads of Metal
Metal Fabrication Fitting
Steel Inventory Management
Steel Fabrication Process
Bluetooth sensors - Maintenance Reliability Specialist
Electronics - Robotics and Motion Control
Technology - Welder
Agricultural Equipment Assembly