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Special Focus: Indigenous Community Members

Explore Virtual Workplace Experiences, career profiles, and STEAM featuring Indigenous skilled tradespeople.

Discover the Skilled Trades
Hear from Indigenous community members who have launched careers in skilled trades!
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Skilled Responders

Be inspired by the enthusiasm and passion these industry leaders have for their careers.

Craft Artisan
Administrative Assistant
Tourism Manager
Truck Driver
Proshop Attendant
Stonemasonry Labourer
ENC Technician
Mining Millwright Apprentice
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Virtual Workplace Experiences

Take a tour and learn more about the tools, equipment, skill and processes used in the Agriculture & Natural Resources industry.

Ecological Restoration and Management
Zoo Exhibit Planning and Design
Mine Milling Maintenance

Architecture & Construction

Take a virtual field trip and learn more about the careers, tools, equipment, skills and processes in the construction industry.

Residential Masonry
Dam Maintenance, Installation, and Repair
Plumbing Operations and Processes
Commercial Construction Safety
Mortar Free Masonry
Building Inspection
Metal Forming and Creation
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Early Childhood Educator
Discover how listening and adaptability ensure career success in this Virtual Workplace Experience.
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Government and Public Administration

These Virtual Workplace Experiences feature a walk-and-talk tour with Indigenous team members in the power generation sector.

Nuclear Energy
Hydroelectric Power
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Hospitality & Tourism

Golf, cooking, hotel stays oh my! Explore careers, skills, tools and equipment used in Hospitality & Tourism.

Golf Management
Indigenous Cuisine Preparation and Plating
Indigenous Cuisine
Indigenous Hotel Processes and Practices
Indigenous Community Tourism Development
Explore the skills, technology and equipment used at The Bucket Shop.
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Indigenous Design Operation & Processes
Take a tour with Mulberry Design to learn more about the tools used to create her designs.
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Transportation, Logistics and Distribution

These Virtual Workplace Experiences feature a walk-and-talk tour with Indigenous team members in the Transportation, Distribution & Logistics.

Truck Transportation
Marine Maintenance, Installation and Repair
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Explore careers in the skilled trades with Indigenous community members.

Tourism Manager
Plumbing Business Owner
Administrative Assistant
Pro Shop Attendant
Welding Estimator
Welder in Training
Heavy Equipment Apprentice

STEAM on the Job

Discover how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math come alive on the job for these skilled trade professionals.

Anatomy of a Blandings Turtle
Artificial Turtle Habitat
Turtle Head Starting Program
How to Monitor a Snake Habitat
Dissection of a Fish Filet
Traditional Indigenous Ingredients
Safety Checking a Tractor Trailer
Raw material handling and setting
Basics of Pow Wow Cuisine
How to Sauté Vegetables
How to Prepare Rainbow Trout
The Unseen Rebar
Zoo Exhibit Modeling
Zoo Exhibit Design Creative Process
Art Environmental Awareness
The Creative Process in Exhibit Design
The Importance of Stamps and Molds
The Process of Designing a Menu
Job Site Calculations and Estimations
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Soft Skills on the Job

In this soft skills series, industry professionals give an explanation of how they use a specific employability skill on the job.

Problem Solving in Custodial Work
Following Protocols
Stress Management
Problem Solving
Paying Attention
Life Long Learning in Hospitality
Humility in Early Childhood Education
Adaptability in Early Childhood Education
Instant Gratification in the Kitchen
Attention to Detail in the Kitchen
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Safety Awareness Training
Safety first! In this series, students learn about important safety requirements and things to know on job sites.
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Skills & Processes

Hosted by industry professionals, these videos provide helpful explanations of different types of skills and processes that come alive in their companies and careers.

What is Formwork?
Hydro Distribution
Backing a Trailer into a Tight Spot
Connecting to a Trailer
How to Plate Rainbow Trout
How to Prepare Smoked Duck Breast Wild Rice Pilaf
Laying Up Stone

Tools & Equipment

In these short videos, Skilled Trades professionals explain the different tools and equipment they use on the job every day.

Cut-off Saw
Learn how to safely use a mitre saw from a Labourer from Fike Masonry.
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